Life is beautiful – Claudio Passilongo Trio Clapo Music Production – Marechiaro Musical Edition
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All songs are arranged and played by Claudio Passilongo (piano) Corrado Cirillo (doublebass) and Luigi Casa (drums).
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Life is Beautiful is the first album by CP-MuzikEnsemble.

The sophisticated pianism of Claudio acts as a leit-motiv for the entire work. The strong but never predominant rhythmic section gives the whole album the contemporary fashion-like-sound. The main aim of this trio is exploring the melodic and harmonic aspects of music, giving them back in their peculiar style.

Their tunes can be some of Claudio’s originals, or drawn from the Classical period (Faurè’s Pavane) or even from Pop and Jazz music. Anyway, a pivotal role is played by the movie-songs. Nino Rota’s Amarcord, Piovani’s Life is beautiful, are a very important part of their set list of songs, as well as Romance and Circle, composed by Claudio himself for the movie “Assolo”.
CP-Trio sound strikes both the expert audience and the amateurs.

Its peculiar features are the refinement of the sound and the great attentions paid to the colours-timbre nuances.

From the show “Note tra le stelle” – Chasing in pavement
Alessia Fabiano, Vocalist – Claudio Passilongo, piano – Gianni D’Argenzio, Sax

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