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Claudio-Passilongo - Biography

Claudio Passilongo – pianist and composer


   Claudio Passilongo is an Italian composer and pianist living in Denmark. Music has always been part of his life, since he began to compose and play various instruments as autodidact at the age of 9. After graduating with full marks at the Conservatory of Music in Naples, he attended the Accademia Chigiana composition class by Salvatore Sciarrino, and the Orchestration masterclass by Andrea Portera, from Scuola di Fiesole. His interests are not confined in music alone, so he got a Master Degree in Foreign Literatures. Then music professionalism came by, and Claudio’s works began to be performed worldwide, both as pure music and as soundtracks for movies, short-movies, cartoons and theatrical plays.

   “I do experience composition as a wonderful journey into the universe of sounds, and thus I love its heterogeneity. I do love playing the piano and other instruments, but I am, most of all, a composer” said Claudio on an interview for Jazzitalia, after the première of Luna di Seta, a pièce (2003) for which he composed and played the whole soundtrack. .

   In the 2015 Claudio composed his Stabat Mater for choir, female soloists and orchestra. This work has won the 1st prize at the International Composition Competition “Women in music” (Serbia, 2015), patronized by Unesco. Other works conceived for the great ensemble are his Concerto Dorico for Piano and Orchestra, deeply inspired by Ligeti style, that is published and available -like some other of his chamber music works – by Edizioni Sconfinarte. (Milano, Italia) and Aphorisme, studi sinfonici. His first sextet, Frammenti, has been performed by Ensemble Bios, led by Andrea Vitiello (Prato, 2012) and Rockin’ the Harpsichord has been inserted, after winning a competition, in an International Contemporary collection of new repertoire for the Harpsichord (Germany).

   As a pianist and composer he released two CDs, “Evening Sun” and “Life is beautiful”, both edited by Claudio Poggi/Edel/MarechiaroMusic. Some tracks are broadcasting by Radio Swiss Jazz, Radio Vaticana, RadioRai, Dansk Radio P8 and DR P2 among the others.

   From the cd cover: “Claudio Passilongo aims to explore the myriads of paths of Jazz. His style is made by pleasant melodic lines, not very harsh harmonies, and a deep search for dynamic and timber hues. His repertoire spans from some Claudio‘s originals to the worldwide famous movie soundtracks (Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota, Piovani among the others), all mixed by this peculiar stylistic approach”.

   In the 2008 he was hired by the University Federico II, (Commissione RISMA) to teach Harmony and to lead an Ensemble. So, as a leader and arranger, he brought his students to perform at the “Terzo convegno dei cori e orchestre universitarie”, (Salerno, Italy).

   As mentioned, Claudio is also a composer for movies, short movies and plays on stage. Among them: the film Assolo (Ischia Global film fest, 2014, Explorer Entertainment, Ita/Usa), the short movies Solidamore (on LA3, Pistoia Film Fest 2011), Vincere due volte (Fondazione Quattro stelle2014), La discesa (Mitreo Film Fest 2012)”, Sposi (Calitri sponz fest, 2014). His soundtrack for a cartoon has reached the final stage of the International Lavagnino price (Oscar-prize winner Luis Bacalov and David Donatello-prize Francesco Piersanti among the judges), E’ cche famiglia, and Tra I vicoli di Napoli both directed by Renato di Meo, performed in many Neapolitan theatres (Sannazaro, 2010, Bolìvar, 2011) and in Sesto Campano, (Isernia, 2010).

   He’s a songwriter too (check out Luna di Seta, Polo Sud, 2005). With the collaboration of the lyricist and Poet Maria C. D’Andrea (Aletti editore), Claudio  composed and produced Babel (Auralbas, 2012), a cd made by original songs sung in many different languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish and Neapolitan).

   As soon as he arrived to Denmark, Claudio has been admitted – after submission of works – at the Danish Composer Society (DKF), the oldest Nordic association of composers. They welcomed him: “(…) in your music you display professional command of a great variety o compositional, editing and mastering techniques”. Nowadays, his music has been performed, among the others, by Trio Ismena, Kammerkoret Karmina, Kuno Kyærbye, Mikkel Andersen, I Solisti del Teatro di San Carlo, Muzikensemble, Ensemble Bios, Andrea Vitiello, Sheyla Fareplay, Paul Gregory, Marielle Way.