After graduating with full marks at the Conservatory of Music, Claudio Passilongo attended the Accademia Chigiana composition class with Salvatore Sciarrino, and Orchestration masterclass with A.Portera (Scuola di Fiesole).

His first sextet, Frammenti, has been published by Sconfinarte (Bs), and performed by Ensemble Bios (Prato, 2012). Sonata for Piano solo is regularly broadcasting by Radio Vaticana.

His activity as composer goes on with the publication of his Concerto Dorico for Piano and Orchestra and the chamber work Seven Perspectives, both edited by Sconfinarte. His work for Harpsichord, Rockin’ the Harpsichord has been inserted in an International Contemporary collection of new repertoire for this instrument (Bellman edition, Germany).


7 Perspectives are seven different ways to explore some basic material.

The music is conceived around few elements. Each instrument is exploited in its extreme

range and in all its technical features.

doric concert

The great search of polyrhythmic structures, of the super-imposition of sounds and melodic line between the parts, has guided the composition of this Doric Concerto.

A great technical virtuosity is mandatory for the pianist,

who must keep under his control the entire structural meaning of this work

This Concerto is dedicated to the pianist Giuseppe Devastato.


Few elements are the inner heart of this little chamber piece. The music is almost simple, but the subtle relationships between the lines are deeply structured.